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Coordinate sets are hot on every fashion girl's list and we understand why

What makes coordinate sets, two-piece outfits, matching sets, or every other term given to separates made to be worn together a top fashion choice would be how hassle-free it makes styling of outfits. Think a heaven-paired clothing twin, made from the same cut and pattern, without the need to try to force friendships with other individual pants or tops to form a pair.

Coordinate sets are one of the best selling pieces in fashion right now and its no surprise how hard Nigerian fashion brands are going at leveraging on this trend and putting out new designs and unique pieces to the market.

There's a matching hot piece in every girl's wardrobe and we get why! Beyond how essentially comfortable these sets are, we've rounded up on all the reasons why coordinate sets are in trend and will be for a long time

1. Comfortable: Co-ord sets come in different styles and designs but one element stays true - comfort. They are made as fun, easy-breezy twos that can be styled for both formal and casual outings. Look how effortless this floral print number from desire1709 settles on the body. So relaxing. 

2. Easy to style :

Getting dressed in co-ord sets means that your top and bottoms have been matched and settled. You only need to find the right bag to sling on your shoulders and step into shoes of your choice and voila! You are ready to hit the streets in style.

3. Wear Anywhere :
If there's a fashion trend that suits any event, occasion, or even corporate outings, then it has to be the matching sets. There's a set to wear to work, dinner dates, drinks, weddings, and even to bed. This Kaicollective pyjamas set on Ifeoma Amadi says stay-at-home but make it high fashion.
Coordinate set by Kaicollective

4. Versatile :
There are no rules to how you wear the co-ord sets. Although this trend started with the shirts and wide-legged pants combo, just as with other trends in fashion, new elements keep being added. These sets now come in skirts, shorts, culottes, cropped tops, and the possibilities are endless.
We especially love this 1964TheBrand black number on Vlogger, Iamyeychi.
Coordinate set by 1964brand

5. Value for Coins :
Co-ord sets come as two or three pieces that can be worn together, separately, and alternatively. Its like paying for three outfits for the price of one. Wear them as a set, wear the top with a mismatched bottom, vice versa. They also make for perfect vacation outfits, as one set already means three options and more packing space in your suitcase. If this is not a win, I don't know what is.

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